Comprehensive Risk Assessment

FiduciaryQPRIf you could take a snapshot of your retirement plan, what would it reveal?

An annual review of a retirement plan reveals if it is on track, how it compares against other employers’ retirement plans, and satisfies a vital risk management need.

FiduciaryQPR is a standards based comprehensive ERISA Qualified Plan Review by Roland|Criss. We apply the U.S. Department of Labor’s guidelines to our reviews, and adhere to the fiduciary standard for retirement plan administrators in order to ensure authenticity of the results.

A comprehensive plan review from Roland|Criss delivers assurance to busy executives and offers these key benefits:

  • verifies that a retirement plan’s operation adheres to its policies;
  • examines control procedures and updates them to meet Department of Labor standards;
  • tests the reasonableness of service providers’ fees;
  • exploits the value of the plan’s assets to lower administrative and investment costs paid by plan participants;
  • tests for conflicts of interest;
  • identifies opportunities for improvement in all four fiduciary disciplines;
  • delivers a vital risk management solution to the plan’s sponsoring organization;
  • adds clarity to the relationship between a plan sponsor and the plan’s vendors;
  • the QPR Rating™ tells where your plan ranks on the fiduciary scale;
  • FiduciaryQPR is available for all types of defined contribution and defined benefit plans;
  • a plan review is confidential, web-enabled, password protected, and uses the latest encryption technology; and
  • our fees for a comprehensive plan review are scaled to fit a plan’s size and complexity.

Contact us here for a no obligation consultation about a comprehensive review of your retirement plan, or you may call us at 800.440.3457.

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Roland|Criss Fiduciary Services and Roland|Criss Ratings, LLC do not offer any investment, recordkeeping, or TPA services for retirement plans. We are independent and unbiased.

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