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Leadership Resources

Roland|Criss’ webinars provide risk management and compliance relevant content to a wide range of executive class constituents. Chief Financial Officers and human resources managers get to experience thought leadership and expertise from professionals who practice in such sectors as governance, risk management, and compliance (“GRC”), financial audit, and legal. Review our schedule of upcoming webinars and register for for one or more that may be of interest to you.

The Executive Leadership Forum

Committed to elevating executive communities by joining and strengthening leaders to serve the common good, the Executive Leadership Forum provides access to new ideas for business leadership. Join a discussion group and get informed.
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Other Events

Forum Virtual Summit

Complex fiduciary and finance regulations challenge every organization. The Forum Virtual Summit empowers leaders to communicate. Industry leaders provide valuable case study experiences and solutions to the issues that make CFOs and human resources executives uneasy. Fiduciary duty for retirement plans and the Affordable Care Act top the list.

The Virtual Summit is coming in November 2017. You may contact Kristi Arthur via e-mail here for more details.