Document Solution for Fiduciary Organizations

Setting the Industry Standard in Regulatory Compliance

Roland|Criss’ Netdocrc is an innovative document and quality management solution for the retirement plan community. Netdocrc combines the power of Box security technology with the proven fiduciary domain expertise that Roland|Criss has gained from over 16 years of solving core compliance challenges in the fiduciary community. New regulations make the need for an advanced document solution clear.

Supports an Integrated Suite of Disciplines

With Netdocrc, our clients experience an advanced secured document platform, while drawing on Roland|Criss’ fiduciary best practices for regulatory compliance management.

Netdocrc is a vital part of Roland|Criss’ best-in-class program for managing documents, processes, people, and tasks. It drives our firm’s unique and verifiable solution for all of your fiduciary related duties using the latest technologies.

Netdocrc provides an integrated paperless process for managing the compliance process. It eliminates the shortcomings of paper archives and scattered electronic records, driving efficiencies into all facets of an ERISA centric regulatory compliance process.

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Netdocrc is a trademark of Roland|Criss Fiduciary Services.