PathwaysToExcellencePathways to Excellence is the theme for podcasts produced by Roland|Criss. Each podcast is quick and easy listening, providing quick access to guest experts and proven strategies for managing retirement plans from a fiduciary’s point of view. Select from the list below of our prior podcasts.

Roland|Criss Content Series
Your Guide to a Stress-Free Retirement Plan Process

    2nd Quarter Podcast – June 30, 2016
    GET UPDATED: The Operational Impact of Fiduciary Rule Changes
    This podcast looks deeply into the causes of the regulatory shifts. Experts in ERISA governance, risk management, and compliance (“GRC”) procedures offer guidance on how CFOs and human resources executives should respond. Special attention is focused on the dramatic new conflict of interest rule.
    PodcastListen to the 21 minute podcast.
    1st Quarter Podcast – February 11, 2016
    GET UPDATED: The REAL Impact of 408(b)(2)
    Organizations that sponsor ERISA retirement plans have long struggled with the complexities of their vendors’ fee arrangements. The Department of Labor (“DOL”) blames much of that struggle on an information gap that divides plan managers and vendors. We invited Ron Hagan, Chairman of the Fiduciary Standards Committee at Roland|Criss, back to the Forum chair to explore with us how and why the fee disclosure law has thus failed to spark the change so many desired. During this session, we cover key trends and reveal resources of which every CFO and Human Resource executive should be aware.
    PodcastListen to the 25 minute podcast.
    4th Quarter Podcast – October 29, 2015
    GET UPDATED: Retirement Plan Audits are Under the DOL’s Scrutiny
    Retirement plan audits have long been a routine task for ERISA qualified plans with over 100 participants, but recent industry developments are causing concern for plan sponsors. Guests from McConnell & Jones, one of the largest and most prominent accounting firms in Houston, Texas share insights on Department of Labor findings that those responsible for the selection and monitoring of their plan’s audit firm should hear.
    PodcastListen to the 16 minute podcast.
    3rd Quarter Podcast – September 23, 2015
    GET CURRENT: Four Key Trends in ERISA Process Outsourcing
    Outsourcing ERISA retirement plan services has been around for decades, but recent industry developments have translated into new strategies for plan sponsors. The chairman of Roland|Criss’ Fiduciary Standards Committee discusses key trends every CFO and human resource executive should be aware of in 2015.
    PodcastListen to the 16 minute podcast
    2nd Quarter Podcast – May 7, 2015
    GET ASSURED: A Periodic Comprehensive Plan Review is a Must
    Setting up a retirement plan is hard work. Once setup, a periodic review is the most often ignored part of the entire retirement plan management process. In today’s world, a comprehensive plan review of an ERISA qualified program is a necessity.
    PodcastListen to the 15 minute podcast
    2nd Quarter Podcast – April 28, 2015
    GET CURRENT: GRC Strategies for Nonprofit ERISA Qualified Plans
    Produced for the Nonprofit Executive Leadership Forum, this podcast provides a historical reflection of the pre-ERISA days of 403(b) plan management. Our guest expert examines how that history is contributing to the challenges currently facing the administrative teams and executive leadership who bear ERISA’s compliance responsibility. Our guest speaker, Ron W. Hagan, is President and Chief Operating Officer of Roland|Criss Fiduciary Services. He offers insights honed by experience and discusses recommended best practices that provide the required “supply chain management” governance framework and protections that our C-suite Forum members seek.
    PodcastListen to the 14 minute podcast
    1st Quarter Podcast – February 2, 2015
    GET CURRENT: Unraveling the Complexities of 403(b) Plans
    Since the Pension Protection Act of 2006 was enacted the Department of Labor has found massive procedural issues among retirement plans sponsored by non-profit organizations…the so-called 403(b) plans. How did that happen?
    PodcastListen to the 17 minute podcast
    4th Quarter Podcast – December 9, 2014
    GET CONFIDENT: Staying Ahead of the Regulatory Tide
    The legal responsibilities of retirement plan fiduciaries constantly change. How do elite retirement plan executives meet the challenge of change? Roland|Criss reveals what plan sponsors should change in the way they oversee their retirement plans in 2015.
    PodcastListen to the 17 minute podcast
    3rd Quarter Podcast – September 9, 2014
    GET CONFIDENT: Staying Ahead of the Changing Healthcare Landscape
    Experts from the retirement plan sponsor community explore the changing landscape as it relates to healthcare, including healthcare trends’ impact on leaders and strategic area managers, financial and regulatory implications, and defining the pathway for the future.
    PodcastListen to the 15 minute podcast
    2nd Quarter Podcast – June 17, 2014
    GET CLEAR: Understanding the Requirements of Plan Fiduciaries
    Experts from the retirement plan sponsor community reveal key insights into the duties and accountabilities of the “responsible plan fiduciary. Hear how the focus on skill requirements is changing for plan sponsors.
    PodcastListen to the 13 minute podcast
    1st Quarter Podcast – March 11, 2014
    GET READY: Introducing the Retirement Plan Supply Chain
    Retirement plan sponsors are introduced to the U.S. Department of Labor’s supply chain management concept. This podcast describes how the fiduciary supply chain parallels current corporate practices…why new skills are needed…who is involved…and what those roles entail.
    PodcastListen to the 18 minute podcast