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reportsIRA fiduciary rollover risk can be managed
October 2017

reports5 Compliance steps for the Conflict of Interest Rule
September 2017

reportsLawsuits reveal the risk issues for 403(b) and 401(k) plan fiduciaries
August 2017

reportsPenalties hit ERISA plans in spite of CPA audits
July 2017

reportsHow ERISA plan sponsors should respond to the new fiduciary rule
June 2017

reportsWhat if your ERISA plan’s CPA isn’t qualified?
May 2017

reportsHas Risk Trumped the Pursuit of Excellence?
April 2017

reportsBusiness Process Automation: Automating Fiduciary Controls (video)
March 2017

reportsComputer automation relieves ERISA governance and risk management burdens.
February 2017

reportsRetirement Plan Investment Programs Harbor Newly Revealed Risks
January 2017

reportsRisk Management Series: Cybersecurity (video)
December 2016

reports4 Consequences of Not Having a Procurement Plan for Retirement Services
November 2016

reportsManaging Employee Benefit Risks in a New Regulatory Era
October 2016

reportsThe “So What” of the New Conflict of Interest Rule (with audio)
September 2016

reportsCPAs to Give ERISA Plans More Scrutiny (with audio)
August 2016

reportsIRAs: A New Fiduciary Frontier (with audio)
July 2016

reportsRisk Management Series: Conflicts of Interest (video)
June 2016

reportsTackling the New Fiduciary Rule
May 2016

reportsConflicts of Interest Trigger a New Fiduciary Rule
April 2016

reportsWhat We’ve Learned about Retirement Plan Fees
March 2016

reports5 Causes of Excessive Retirement Plan Fees
February 2016 – Part 3 of 3

reports401(k) Lawsuits Validate the Focus on Fees
January 2016 – Part 2 of 3

reportsWhen employees overpay…employers pay!
December 2015 – Part 1 of 3

reportsAm I a sitting duck for participant complaints?
November 2015

reportsAre the ERISA fidelity bond and fiduciary liability insurance protection enough for ERISA fiduciaries?
October 2015

reportsAre you prudently monitoring internal changes that may occur within your existing service providers?
September 2015

reportsWhat is GRC and Why is it Important?
August 2015

reportsFiduciary training gets a new priority from the DOL.
July 2015

reportsWhy are employee benefit plans still vulnerable?
June 2015

reportsWhat does outsourcing “administration” really mean to ERISA plan sponsors?
May 2015

reportsWhere can you go to acquire fiduciary training to solidify key ERISA plan management skills?
April 2015

reportsHow do you spell fiduciary R-E-L-I-E-F?
March 2015

reportsWhy does it take so many service providers to manage my plan?
February 2015

reportsDoes your risk management and data retention system meet ERISA’s standards?
January 2015

reportsIs your retirement plan process on track?
December 2014

reportsDo you have periodic evaluations of your fiduciaries and support staff?
November 2014

reportsDo you know the key roles and responsibilities of all of your retirement plan vendors?
October 2014

reportsDoes your retirement plan use the right technology to support the needs of its participants?
September 2014

reportsAre you prepared for a DOL Audit?
August 2014

reportsDo you protect against vendor conflicts of interest?
July 2014

reportsDo you have a system for monitoring and evaluating your vendors’ performance and fees?
June 2014

reportsHave you received fiduciary training to solidify key skills?
May 2014

reportsAre you confident that your investment strategy acts in the best interest of your plan’s participants?
April 2014

reportsDo you monitor your service providers prudently?
March 2014

reportsDo You Know Your Fiduciary Job Description?
February 2014

reportsRetirement Plan Readiness
January 2014

Fiduciary duty is about more than just investments. Learn more.