De-Risking the Fiduciary Role

Technology Makes Risk Management Easier


The priorities set by management combined with regulators’ demands often determine the breadth and scope of risk management systems. Calamities in the financial markets over recent years have awakened investors including retirement plan participants to the role that their trusted fiduciaries play in the security of their investments

A growing use of class action lawsuits by retirement investors and a more aggressive attitude among federal regulators require C-level executives to adjust for rapidly escalating fiduciary risk.

GRC technology provided a powerful solution for companies that faced compliance with the complex Sarbanes Oxley Act when it was introduced. That technology is now enabling a flexible and repeatable fiduciary risk system by using an automated controls framework for management and audit reporting.

GRC technology eliminates manual programs, many of which use error prone spreadsheets to track fiduciary activities, and drives better returns for retirement investors and lower costs for their employers.

Kristi Arthur – Director Fiduciary Solutions

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