Charitable Trusts

FoundationRisk Management and Donor Intent

Our governance, risk, and compliance management system simplifies the complexities and cuts through obstacles in order to help nonprofits achieve a high level of care of their organization’s assets and donors’ contributions.

We are trained and licensed to conduct assurance assessments under the Fiduciary Standard for Endowments and Foundations. The results of an assessment ensure that the following elements of fiduciary excellence are met:

  • Authentication of authority
  • Benchmarking of policies and procedures
  • Assessment of trustees’ roles and responsibilities
  • Evaluation of providers’ fees and conflicts of interest
  • Training and development of fiduciary leaders
  • Alignment of fiduciary-provider interests
  • Documentation of donors’ intentions
  • Creation of an accountability and performance monitoring matrix
  • Measurement of quality and certification of results

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IFLC standards

Order the fiduciary standard for endowments and foundations.

Contact us for a discussion of how your organization can improve its governance, risk, and compliance status and to enhance its appeal to donors through our certified evidence of stewardship best practices.