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Roland|Criss is a leading global risk management firm focused on serving and shaping the organizations that oversee and serve government qualified retirement plans and charitable institutions in a fiduciary capacity.

Better Outcomes and Less Risk

ERISA employee benefit plan sponsors and nonprofit organizations that hope to perform better in their fiduciary role and reduce risk should pay attention to the need for frank evaluations of vendors, practices, and regulatory changes.

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Getting to the underlying issues that generate costly liabilities requires specialization and experience. In the work we’ve done with scores of organizations, we’ve seen how a focus on a critical few behaviors helps bring about changes that contribute to meaningful risk and business outcomes.

Turning Employee Benefit Burdens into Gratifying Achievements

We seek to help our clients make relevant, enduring, and significant improvements in their fiduciary role and to erect a great enterprise that attracts, energizes, and develops extraordinary associates.

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Read and hear what we think about fiduciary risk management challenges and how to solve them.

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Roland|Criss helps clients from risk management strategy development through to execution. We do that through a combination of strategic expertise and advanced operational skill sets earned from experience serving some of the finest commercial enterprises and nonprofit organizations in the U.S. Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.