De-Risking the Fiduciary Role

Governance, Risk, and Compliance technology (“GRC”) enables a strategy that ensures an advanced fiduciary legal defense.

Risk and Compliance Solutions

An expert evaluation of a fiduciary risk management system drives process efficiencies, better outcomes for participants, and calm assurance.

Investment Risk Assurance

The authenticity of investment fiduciary behavior is measured by decision making processes not by investment results.

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  • What We Think

A vital advantage lies with Roland|Criss. A few distinguishing competencies power better outcomes for retirement plans and nonprofits.

We hold strongly to the idea that our ability to produce greatly improved outcomes for our clients lies within a few vital competencies that we have developed over the past two decades. We partner with our clients to transfer those competencies and improve the productivity and safety of retirement plans, welfare benefit plans, and nonprofit organizations.

What executives say
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Roland|Criss plays a vital role in managing our investment committees’ fiduciary risk. You help define and solve it!

Bill Cole
Chief Financial Officer
RMG Enterprise Solutions, Inc.