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Christine L. Denton, AIFA®, CFFS™
Senior Vice President
Risk Practice Group

Areas of Expertise:

  • Investment securities analysis
  • Governance systems and structures
  • Investment strategy formation
  • Fiduciary risk management

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Christine L. Denton is Senior Vice President for Roland|Criss. She leads the firm’s team that installs industry best practices for ERISA qualified plans and non-profits. She has over 13 years of experience with Roland|Criss advising retirement plan and foundation executives on their responsibilities as investment fiduciaries.

Christine has served as an expert witness in disputes representing defendant positions in breach of fiduciary duty claims. Her clients cover the full spectrum of retirement plans and non-profit foundations in the university and health care sectors.

During an earlier assignment with Roland|Criss, Christine personally conducted onsite or supervised over 150 assessments of candidates for fiduciary certifications by CEFEX in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Prior to joining Roland|Criss, Christine was a financial analyst with LFG/Sky Chefs Corp. in its treasury and asset management group. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Baylor University. She holds the Certified Foundation Fiduciary Specialist™ (CFFS™) designation and is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst® (AIFA®). She has also held securities licenses issued by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Donald K. Denton, AIFA®, QKA
Senior Vice President
Global Ratings and Fiduciary Assessments

Areas of Expertise:

  • Fiduciary best practices
  • Quality management system assessment methodologies
  • Internal operations of investment firms and companies that provide administration services to retirement plans

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Donald K. Denton is Senior Vice President of Roland|Criss. His duties include the management of our firm’s assessments and ratings of conformance to best practices for retirement plans, non-profit organizations, and vendors of investment and administration services.

Donny’s experience with vendor assessments dates to CEFEX’s introduction in 2006 of its certification programs for investment advisors and investment managers, and more recently, to ASPPA’s launch of its certification program for companies that provide third party administration (“TPA”) and recordkeeping services to retirement plans.

Prior to joining the Roland|Criss organization in 2000, Donny was the corporate controller of a Dallas, Texas-based services company. He has a wide range of experience in financial reporting, audit methodologies, pension plan administration, asset-liability management, and investment fiduciary standards of care.

Donny earned his BA Degree in Finance from Baylor University. He is also an Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst® (AIFA®) and holds the QKA designation issued by ASPPA.

Ashley N. Gutkowski
Senior Director
Client Services

Areas of Expertise:

  • Internet-based information solutions
  • Quality management systems
  • Problem solving

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Ashley Gutkowski is Director of Client Services for Roland|Criss. Ashley is responsible for coordinating the necessary people and technology resources to ensure that our services are delivered to our clients in accordance with their needs and our quality management systems.

Ashley is highly proficient in managing Roland|Criss’ technology and communication tools and facilitating clients’ adherence to their fiduciary calendars She was instrumental in the development and maintenance of our client relationship management system and NetdocRC, which is our firm’s client electronic document storage and retrieval system.

Since the day she joined Roland|Criss in 2002, Ashley has been a vital member of Roland|Criss’ client servicing program.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business and Computer Science from Texas Woman’s University.

Ronald E. Hagan, AIFA®, CFFS™
Chairman, Standards Committee
Fiduciary Standards Group

Areas of Expertise:

  • The impact of fiduciary duty on corporate governance, risk management, and compliance systems
  • Challenges facing retirement plan sponsors and their service providers
  • Compliance trends and emerging best practices

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Ronald E. Hagan is Chairman of the Fiduciary Standards Committee of Roland|Criss. In this role, Ron is responsible for leading the development and maintenance of the processes used in the delivery of the firm’s services to commercial and non-profit organizations.

Ron joined Roland|Criss in 1994 as a founding partner of the firm. He subsequently held the position of Executive Vice President and Managing Partner from 1997 – 2003. Prior to joining Roland|Criss, Ron spent several years in the banking industry where he occupied senior level fiduciary positions. He is also a former Principal with Booz, Allen, and Hamilton where he dealt primarily with corporate governance and risk management issues among the firm’s Fortune 500 clients.

During his tenure with Roland|Criss, Ron has led process audits of retirement plans, non-profit organizations, and investment firms in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and India.

Ron received his degree in accounting from Erie College and carries the AIFA and CFFS™ designations.

Ron W. Hagan, CFFS™
Chief Operating Officer

Areas of Expertise:

  • Strategic partnerships
  • Fiduciary responsibility outsourcing
  • Interpreting the practical impact of fiduciary duty on business executives
  • Roland|Criss’ technology and servicing innovations

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Ron W. Hagan is President and Chief Operating Officer for Roland|Criss. He is an experienced leader in creating and preserving corporate value for Roland|Criss, its clients, and partners. Ron oversees day-to-day operations, business development, client service delivery, and Roland|Criss’ strategic partnerships.

Ron is a member of Roland|Criss’ Fiduciary Standards Committee. In that role, he helps maintain quality control standards for our firm’s operational assessments for the retirement plan market, non-profit community, and CEFEX’s global certification programs.

Prior to joining Roland|Criss in 2001, Ron served as a corporate development specialist in the healthcare sector. He was influential in serving the boards of directors and shareholders on risk management practices for two publicly traded healthcare companies.

Ron received a Bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University. He also holds the Certified Foundation Fiduciary Specialist™ (CFFS™) designation issued by the Investment Fiduciary Leadership Council, Inc. The CFFS demonstrates an individual’s mastery of how the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (“UPMIFA”) affects the policies, procedures, and operations of endowments and foundations.

Kristi Arthur, AIF®, CRPS®
Fiduciary Solutions

Areas of Expertise:
• Strategic alliances
• Customized delivery of fiduciary solutions
• Fiduciary training
• Nonprofit Executive Leadership Forum

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Kristi Arthur is Director of Fiduciary Solutions for Roland|Criss. In this role, Kristi works to develop new and foster existing partnerships with our valued business partners, advisors and plan sponsor clients who utilize our 3(16) fiduciary programs. Kristi also serves as Program Director for the Roland|Criss Nonprofit Executive Leadership Forum, a collaboration of nonprofit executives focused on elevating industry best practices.

Prior to joining Roland|Criss, Kristi served as Platform Director for 1st Global, providing platform development, marketing, communications and operations management for their fee-based retirement plan programs. Kristi also served as a Regional Sales Director for the platform and provided ERISA coaching and training for 1st Global’s CPA/wealth management advisor base.

Kristi holds both the Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist (CRPS) designation from the College of Financial Planning and the Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) designation from the Center for Fiduciary Studies. She earned her Masters of Science degree in Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington and her Bachelor’s degree in Law Enforcement and Police Science from Sam Houston State University.

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